Jade Bird announces her new album ‘Different Kinds of Light’

Set for release in August

Jade Bird has announced the release of her new album ‘Different Kinds of Light’.

The British singer-songwriter’s second LP, which will follow on from her self-titled 2019 debut album, will be released on August 13 via Glassnote Records.

Of the new album, which includes the previously released songs ‘Houdini’ and ‘Open Up The Heavens’, Bird said in a statement that ‘Different Kinds of Light’ “at its most basic is about falling in love, and at its most complex [is about] the chaos of trying to get away from your past”.


“I’ve written about fictional characters, about myself and people who don’t exist or at least only exist in my mind, memory and imagination,” she explained about the Dave Cobb-produced record.

“This record started in Japan, a small getaway from a busy year. We took it to Mexico, to Nashville and to upstate New York adding pieces of songs along the way until it became the different phases of who I am, what my relationship is and what my relationship to other people has become.”

Bird added: “It’s been a big exploration through evenings and mornings spent under strange skies. With ‘Different Kinds of Light’ came different kinds of clarity in my life.”

Citing the likes of Iggy Pop, Fleetwood Mac and, according to a press release, “the melodicism of Blur and Oasis at their sweetest” as key influences, the new record has enabled Bird, she says, to finally be able to define herself as an artist.

“I never felt like I could call myself an artist – like, ‘we’ll see’,” she said. “Whereas I know that’s my occupation now. That’s who I am, and that’s incredibly reassuring.”


The official video for the album’s title track will be released at 7pm tonight (May 20), and you can see the tracklist for Jade Bird’s ‘Different Kinds of Light’ below.

  1. ‘DKOL’
  2. ‘Open Up The Heavens’
  3. ‘Honeymoon’
  4. ‘Punchline’
  5. ‘Different Kinds Of Light’
  6. ‘Trick Mirror’
  7. ‘I’m Getting Lost’
  8. ‘Houdini’
  9. ‘1994’
  10. ‘Now is the Time’
  11. ‘Candidate’
  12. ‘Red White and Blue’
  13. ‘Rely On’
  14. ‘Prototype’

Bird is set to perform at Victorious Festival in Portsmouth, which will take place across the August Bank Holiday Weekend (27-29).