Jaden and Willow Smith form a new ‘rock band’ together

Hear a snippet of an untitled song

Will Smith‘s son Jaden Smith has announced that he’s started a new “rock band” with sister Willow Smith.

Jaden, 18, recently took to Twitter to preview a snippet of a new, untitled song. “This Is A Clip From A Rock Band I’m Starting,” Jaden wrote, before confirming that the band’s members include sister Willow, 16, and girlfriend Odessa Adlon.

See Jaden’s tweets beneath.


It follows Jaden’s recent assertions that he’s going to release a K-Pop single. He recently announced on Twitter: “Yes I Will Be Dropping A K Pop Single In The Next 4 Months.”

It wasn’t not the first time Smith had expressed an interest in K-Pop. Posting on Twitter last December, he said he wanted to conquer the genre in 2017, and declared K-Pop superstar G-Dragon was his inspiration after meeting in Paris last year.

Meanwhile, Jaden’s father Will Smith recently cut off his son’s dreadlocks in an effort to help him prepare for a new movie role. Jaden is set to follow his appearance in Netflix’s The Get Down by starring alongside Cara Delevingne in Life In A Year, a new film produced by his father.


Will Smith posted photos on Facebook earlier this month (April 11) of his amateur hairdressing attempts, holding up Jaden’s blonde dreads to the camera, before posting a shot of him holding them above his own head. “Getting Jaden Smith ready for the first day of filming #LifeInAYear…maybe I should’ve used scissors?!” read the caption on both images.

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