Jake Bugg concludes Saturday action with headline set on Glastonbury’s Other Stage

Singer-songwriter tops the bill on second day of festival

Jake Bugg headlined Glastonbury’s Other Stage tonight (June 28) bringing songs from his two albums, ‘Jake Bugg’ and ‘Shangri La’, to the festival. See below for a full setlist.

Coming onstage just after 9.30pm, the singer opened with ‘There’s A Beast And Someone Will Feed It’, from his 2013 second album ‘Shangri La’, which was produced by Rick Rubin.

“Hello, Glastonbury,” he said casually before moving straight into ‘Trouble Town’ – the opening track from his 2012 self-titled debut album.


The lights then dimmed, leaving Bugg onstage in darkness as the strumming intro to ‘Seen It All’. “This song’s a little song called ‘Me And You’,” he said introducing the ‘Shangri La’ single. After a brief mutter of “thank you,” he then launched into country-influenced number ‘Storm Passes Away’, written with Raconteurs member Brendan Benson.

‘Two Fingers’ brought the first crowd singalong of the night, after which he took his leather jacket off for an anthemic ‘Messed Up Kids’.

A slow electric guitar strum introduced ‘The Ballad Of Mr Jones’, with Bugg again shrouded in darkness between flashes of red and blue light.

“This next song is just a small song, it’s called ‘Pine Trees’,” he said introducing the track, which he played solo accompanied only by himself on guitar as the band exited leaving him under a white spotlight. The tender moment continued as he went straight into ‘Jake Bugg’ album closer ‘Broken’, which was met with huge cheers.

Picking up an electric guitar, he then launched into the more raucous ‘Simple Pleasures’, followed by ‘Green Man’ and a stomping ‘King Pin’ – also co-penned by Brendan Benson.

‘Taste It’ saw the crowd dancing along, bringing things to a crescendo as fans setting off red flares for ‘Slumdog Sunrise’. ‘What Doesn’t Kill You’ was up next, followed by another slow track, ‘A Song About Love’.


“This one’s for all of you,” he said, leading into a cover of Little Richard’s ‘Rip It Up’. “We’ve got time for one more,” he said before tearing into breakout single ‘Lightning Bolt’ during which more flares were lit, bringing the set to a dramatic close.

Jake Bugg played:

‘There’s A Beast And Someone Will Feed It’
‘Trouble Town’
‘Seen It All’
‘Me And You’
‘Storm Passes Away’
‘Two Fingers’
‘Messed Up Kids’
‘The Ballad Of Mr Jones’
‘Pine Trees’
‘Simple Pleasures’
‘Green Man’
‘King Pin’
‘Taste It’
‘Slumdog Sunrise’
‘What Doesn’t Kill You’
‘A Song About Love’
‘Rip It Up’
‘Lightning Bolt’

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