Jake Bugg labels ‘American Idol’ the ‘dream smasher’

The 'Shangri-la' singer also takes a pot shot at One Direction and the Brits

Jake Bugg has called TV talent shows, such as American Idol, “dream smashers”.

Bugg, who recently duetted with Johnny Marr at London’s Royal Albert Hall, performed on American Idol earlier this year to promote his second album ‘Shangri-La’. While he was quick to defend his appearance on the US show, saying “it’s something a bit different for the kids on those shows”, he slated the way the programme treats its contestants.

He told BBC Newsbeat backstage at yesterday’s 6 Music Festival: “It was quite sad. We went on just before they said to the contestant ‘yeah you’re not through’ and she was really heartbroken. It’s cruel. It’s like thanks for coming on the show but you’ll never get a record contract. It’s the dream smasher, that’s what it is, the dream smasher.”

Bugg also had time to take a pot shot at the Brit Awards, saying they ceremony was “really boring”. He added: “I don’t mind losing out to David Bowie but how can you have a category with him in it and four people that have made one or two albums?”

One Direction were also once again at the receiving end of Bugg’s scorn. “To make up an award just so One Direction win it and turn up is a bit wrong but that’s it, it’s showbusiness,” he said.

Jake Bugg played this weekend’s BBC 6 Music Festival, which was headlined by Damon Albarn and The National. To read our report from the Manchester festival click here.