Jake Bugg: ‘People don’t get that I’m shy’

Singer says people don't understand him and denies being voice of a generation

Jake Bugg says people misunderstand his character, believing him to be arrogant or shy when in fact he’s “just shy”.

“People think I’m quite dead behind the eyes, and cold, but the only reason I started writing songs in the first place is because I couldn’t talk about my feelings in any other way,” he said, speaking to The Independent. “I don’t think people get that.”

In the same interview, he said he always wanted to sing but hadn’t thought of the fame and attention that would come with it. “Somebody asked me if I was the voice of a generation recently,” he said. “I was just, like… what? Me? Why?” Asked if he was a nice person, he replied: “Perhaps I’m not, but no one’s perfect, are they?”

Bugg released new single ‘Me And You’ earlier this month and was nominated for Best Solo Male at the BRITs on Wednesday (Feb 19), but the category was won by David Bowie. Earlier this month Bugg spoke at two songwriting masterclasses at London’s Royal Albert Hall, with one student invited on stage to perform his song ‘Broken’ with him on stage at his concert on February 21. He’s also nominated for Best Solo at the NME Awards 2014 With Austin, Texas which take place on Wednesday February 26. For a full list of nominees, click here.