Jake Bugg: ‘I want to make an acoustic record’

Singer says he'd prefer not to work with co-writers in the future

Jake Bugg has revealed that he doesn’t want to work with other co-writers or collaborators and would like to make an acoustic album on his own.

Bugg’s second studio album ‘Shangri La’ was released earlier this week (November 18) and, as with his 2012 self-titled debut, finds him working with co-writers including Snow Patrol’s Iain Archer and Brendan Benson.

The singer is interviewed in this week’s issue of NME, which is available digitally and on newsstands now. In it, Bugg claims that he would rather work on his own and pursue a different direction. “I don’t want to work with anyone else,” he said. “I want to make an acoustic record, something not necessarily with big choruses. For example, [Nick Drake’s] ‘Pink Moon’, you take one of those tracks separately, it doesn’t stand up, but if you take it all together and it creates a mood, an atmosphere.”

Bugg also said that he had previously agreed to work with other writers because he feared he wouldn’t get a record deal if not. “That’s kind of the way it works now, because labels don’t have a lot of money so they want to be sure they have the best chance they can at making some,” he said. “I was very sceptical about it at the time. But then I thought, why not? I’m only 17 I could probably learn a lot from these guys.”

Last week, Bugg claimed that he hopes his album doesn’t go to Number One in the Official UK Album Chart as he doesn’t want to be knocked off the top spot by One Direction. With ‘Shangri La’ set to come out one week before the boyband’s new LP ‘Midnight Memories’, he said: “I’ve seen that One Direction’s album is out the week after mine. So the question is, ‘Do I wanna be Number One or not?’ Cos if it does go to Number One that means they’ll knock me off the top spot. I mean, what can you say? ‘Yeah yeah, ha ha, they knocked you off’.’ I mean, it would be nice to have another but you can’t get greedy now, can you?”