Jake Bugg: ‘I’m quite pleased I didn’t win the Mercury Prize’

Singer says he was worried about making a speech while 'quite drunk'

Jake Bugg has admitted that he was “quite pleased” he didn’t win this year’s Mercury Music Prize.

In an interview with the BBC, the Nottingham singer-songwriter said that he was secretly glad he lost out on the gong to James Blake because he was “quite drunk” and wouldn’t have wanted to make an acceptance speech in an inebriated state.

Asked for his thoughts on Blake and his album ‘Overgrown’, Bugg replied: “I didn’t particularly enjoy his performance at the Mercury Awards. But I could see that he’s talented. I was quite pleased that I didn’t win the Mercury because I was quite drunk and I didn’t want to go on that stage and make a speech, to be honest.”

Bugg also spoke his new studio album ‘Shangri La’, which is due for release on November 18, and admitted that he had felt under pressure to follow-up his debut album. “Of course I was worried about it because I wanted to maintain everything that I’ve achieved,” he said. “But I managed to drift away from worrying about it and just carried on doing what I do, which is write the songs. And fortunately the songs came. I didn’t really plan on it coming this quick but I’m very happy that the songs came like they did.”

Earlier this week, Bugg claimed that he hopes his album doesn’t go to Number One in the Official UK Album Chart as he doesn’t want to be knocked off the top spot by One Direction. With ‘Shangri La’ set to come out one week before the boyband’s new LP ‘Midnight Memories’, he said: “I’ve seen that One Direction’s album is out the week after mine. So the question is, ‘Do I wanna be Number One or not?’ Cos if it does go to Number One that means they’ll knock me off the top spot. I mean, what can you say? ‘Yeah yeah, ha ha, they knocked you off’.’ I mean, it would be nice to have another but you can’t get greedy now, can you?”