Jake Bugg on One Direction: ‘The ugliest one is the best singer’

The 'Lightning Bolt' singer's feud escalates at the 2013 NME Awards

Jake Bugg‘s feud with One Direction continued last night (February 27) at the NME Awards in London.

Speaking on the red carpet outside London’s Troxy, the venue of last night’s ceremony, the ‘Lightning Bolt’ singer said he “didn’t want to wind them up”, but then proceeded in calling out the popular boyband’s music talent.

He told ITV News:

I don’t know how they can really be considered a band, though to be honest. I’m not too sure. I think the more I play on it, it’ll wind them up.


Asked by the reporter if he thought their global success and popularity justifies their place in the music industry, he added: “They’re there to look good. Music wise? I assume they don’t really have a clue. We’ll just see. They might do. Probably the ugliest one is the best singer. He might know a couple of chords.”

The spat between the two warring parties began last week when Jack Bugg was quoted in Shortlist magazine describing One Direction as “terrible”.

The pop band’s Louis Tomlinson then hit back on Twitter, writing “Hi @JakeBugg do you think slagging off boy bands makes you more indie?” while his bandmate Niall Horan added: “Really buggs me that artists we’re fans of, flip on us in the press!”

One Direction aren’t the only band Jake Bugg’s been having a pop at recently. Earlier this month he said that he felt music was losing touch with its working class roots, saying that Mumford & Sons looked like “posh farmers with banjos”, before adding “but I don’t have anything against anyone’s background”.