Jake Bugg: ‘New album is make or break’

Third album 'On My One' is released in June

Jake Bugg has admitted his upcoming third album is “make or break” for his career.

Bugg returns with his self-penned third album ‘On My One’ later this year. Speaking to NME in this week’s cover feature interview, he admits to having fears for his next album if this one flops.

“You wanna do this job forever, don’t you?” he says. “So it’s make or break. If it flops, who’s gonna buy the fourth record? That’s why I had to give it everything. That’s what [title track] ‘On My One’ is about: ‘I’m a poor boy from Nottingham/ I had all my dreams/ But in this world they’re gone’. My dreams have come true, but that’s what I’d be singing if I lost everything.”

NMEDean Chalkey

However, Bugg admits that playing it safe and doing the same thing again was not an option for him. ‘On My One’ features a larger hip-hop influence with early sessions for the album recorded with Beastie Boys’ Mike D.

“People don’t know what they want. I’m sure if Adele would’ve been a bit experimental, it might’ve got a bit more mixed reviews but if it was good, people would still love it ’cause it’s still her,” Bugg reasons. “If I did the same things people would go, ‘Oh, it’s just the same’, but if you do something different, they go, ‘Oh, it’s not like his other two albums’. “I wanted ‘On My One’ to be different. I feel like people are too scared now to do something different.”

‘On My One’ will be released on June 17. Bugg’s 2012 self-titled debut went double platinum and his follow-up ‘Shangri La’ went into the top five in 2013.

‘On My One’ tracklist:

On My One
Gimme The Love
Love, Hope and Misery
The Love We’re Hoping For
Put Out The Fire
Never Wanna Dance
Bitter Salt
Ain’t No Rhyme
Livin’ Up Country
All That
‘Hold On You’

Jake Bugg will play:

London, Village Underground (March 7)
London, Tufnell Park Dome (8)
London, Brixton Electric (10)
London, Bush Hall (11)
Nottingham, Sherwood Pines Forest (June 23)

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