Jake Shears says he would “never write off” doing another Scissor Sisters album

He releases his debut solo album today

Former Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears has said he would “never write off” doing another Scissor Sisters album.

Shears released his debut solo album today (August 10), which NME described as “a welcome reminder of the alpha-camp swagger Shears brought to the charts as frontman of Scissor Sisters.”

The album is released via Shears’ own label Freida Jean Records – he’s partnered with Absolute for the UK release of the record.


Scissor Sisters released their debut album back in 2004 and went on to have huge success in the UK, going nine-times platinum in the UK’s charts. At the time of its release, NME described it as “a musical orgy involving Elton John, The Bee Gees and a limitless supply of amyl nitrate,” later adding, “they know all too well how this world’s governed by narrow-minded first impressions and prejudice – that’s why they’ve written an album that goes about breaking through those very barriers.”

The band’s last album was 2012’s Magic Hour and now in a new interview, Shears has discussed whether they could get back together. “We just called it a hiatus. There’s no plans to do anything,” he told NPR.

“When we started Scissor Sisters, we were just doing performance art in bars, and I think that’s all we ever thought it was going to be. We had such a great run. We did four albums. But my instinct was everyone needs to go be able to live their own lives now.

“I would never write off doing another Scissors record — I think we probably will someday,” he added. “But that’s why it stopped, because I felt like it was time to give everybody time to find their own way.”

Earlier this week, Josh Homme appeared in the new video for Shears’ track ‘Big Bushy Mustache’. In the new video, Shears boasts about his mustache before he’s joined by a few extra stars, including Homme who shows off his very own mustache.

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