Jameela Jamil says stop “meme-ing” Kanye West over his Kim Kardashian comments

"We are watching a mentally ill man coaxed over the edge by our engagement/media attention"

Jameela Jamil has told people to stop “meme-ing” Kanye West as he appears to continue to create drama over his estranged relationship with his wife Kim Kardashian.

The presenter and actress has urged people to stop encouraging behaviour displayed by Ye, for which he’s been accused of harassment by some fans. Earlier this week Ye conceded that his recent social media posts, which included him branding Kardashian’s new boyfriend Pete Davidson a “dickhead“, “came off as harassing Kim“.

Jamil made reference to Ye having mental health issues (he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2017) and implored her followers to not stoke the fire for the sake of all parties – particularly due to the impact it may have on West and Kardashian’s children.


“We are watching a mentally ill man coaxed over the edge by our engagement/media attention,” wrote Jamil on Instagram. “The consequences of this getting worse/messier will be him losing access to his kids. Learn something from how we fed into Britney [Spears’s] mental health strains and stop enjoying and encouraging this.

“I know he’s asking for attention, but getting it will create unimaginable sadness for him and mostly his completely innocent kids later. Stop meme-ing this.”

She continued: “Even famous people, when clearly going through something with their mental health, should be off limits when it comes to internet lols. I know he’s not in the right. But I also know pouring gasoline on this fire when someone is bipolar isn’t going to make anything easier for anyone involved.

“This shit must be really hard for all of them. Especially Kim. And egging him on won’t help her or her babies. It’s not funny, it’s real life.”

Kanye West claims Kim Kardashian accused him of putting a hit out on her
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in 2020. Credit: Marc Piasecki/WireImage


Jamil wrote in a caption accompanying the message that she was not “in ANY WAY defending or excusing” Ye’s actions.

“I do know enough about mental illness to know that the public/media is handling this in a way that only leads to more sadness/danger for everyone involved,” she added.

“A woman is afraid. Children are traumatised. And Kanye is making catastrophic decisions. Just stop treating it like it’s Real Housewives.

Yesterday (February 17) Ye said that he “takes accountability” for his recent comments. “I’ve learned that using all caps makes people feel like I’m screaming at them,” he wrote in a new message on Instagram, referencing a spate of recent all-caps posts, and adding that he is “working on my communication.”

Meanwhile, West has seemingly extended an olive branch to Kid Cudi after telling him that he wouldn’t appear on ‘Donda 2’ due to his friendship Davidson.