James discuss reunion

Tim Booth said they just 'started jamming'

James frontman Tim Booth has been discussing the regrouping of the band.

As previously reported, the band are set to embark on a UK spring tour.

Asked about how the reunion happened, frontman Tim Booth said: “I don’t really know. If you had asked me in the summer would James get back together I would have said absolutely not, not a chance. It was a load of synchronistic events that took place over about a month.”

The singer said he was in Manchester where he met James guitarist Larry Gott, who had left the band in 1993, and founding bassist Jimmy Glennie. Booth said: “I found myself in a room with instruments and microphones and we just started jamming.”

Booth told XFM: “It was really fantastic, so we said ‘Alright, let’s see how this goes.’ We didn’t tell anyone, we didn’t even tell our manager. But it went so well musically that we felt we had to see how far it could go.“

They will play:

Glasgow Academy (April 21)

Newcastle Academy (23)

Birmingham Academy (24)

London Brixton Academy (27)

Manchester MEN Arena (28)

Tickets go on sale on Friday (January 26) from 9am.

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