James pay tribute to Tony Wilson at V

Band roll out a greatest hits set at Weston Park

James paid their respects to Tony Wilson at the V Festival during a rain-drenched performance at Staffordshire today (August 18).

Singer Tim Booth made a special dedication to the late Factory Records legend during new track ‘Not So Strong’.

The frontman told the audience: “Tony Wilson died last week and he had his service in Manchester today. He gave us our first single. He was an amazing man. Manchester won’t be the same without him.”

The band fired off a series of hits from their back catalogue including ‘Laid’, ‘Sometimes’, ‘Come Home’ and ‘Sit Down’, which sparked a mass singalong.

But the gig was threatened earlier in the day when Booth came down with a stomach bug.

He told NME.COM: “I’ve been really looking forward to it but I’ve been throwing up all day. I’ve been really nervous about it and I got this bug that’s going round. The band got it last week and now I have. If I go offstage mid-song you’ll know what’s going on. I’m not one of these people that believes that throwing up on stage is an addition to the concert.”

During the set Booth also had a pop at the festival organisers for refusing to allow the band to bring members of the audience up on stage.

Instead they brought a group of fans from the backstage area to the V Stage to dance with the band to ‘Gold Mother’.

James played:

‘Born Of Frustration’


‘Sit Down’

‘Not So Strong’

‘I Need Someone Like You’

‘Upside Down Side’

‘Ring The Bells’

‘Gold Mother’

‘Getting Away With It/All Messed Up’



‘Come Home’

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