James Arthur reveals loneliness and becoming a sex addict

"I craved sex, I had to have it and I needed it to fill the void"

James Arthur has opened up about his mental health and relationship with Rita Ora in a new autobiography, Back To The Boy.

In an excerpt shared with The Sun, the 2012 X-Factor winner claims that the pair shared “magic” nights together after they met on the X-Factor tour.

However, after “amazing nights together” and even a declaration of love by Ora, she eventually broke off contact with Arthur, leaving him “heartbroken”.


“It hit me really hard,” claims Arthur. “If I’m honest, I became a bit of a slag after Rita.”

Arthur then describes the period following the fling in which he became addicted to sex and weed as a result of feeling lonely, isolated and depressed.

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“I started bingeing on sex. I became as addicted to sex as I was to weed. I craved sex, I had to have it and I needed it to fill the void and make myself feel better.”



Arthur explains, “I was chatting to hundreds of women online or on Whatsapp after swapping numbers with them via Twitter, and I started to sleep with so many of them I lost count.

“They were usually the same type — Babestation girls or glamour models. If I saw someone I fancied I’d contact her on social media and tell her blatantly I wanted to have sex.”

He continues, “The X Factor tour was a blur in my memory because I was so stoned and drugged up on all my anti-depressants every time I went on stage.

“I was struggling for survival every day and I didn’t even feel like myself. Under my skin, I was still the same frightened, fearful little boy I’d always been.”

Arthur struggled with mental health issues during his time on X Factor, suffering a severe panic attack in week two. He is now an ambassador for the mental health charity, SANE.

He explains in the autobiography, “During my recovery, I’d worked hard at teaching myself how to stand above my thoughts, to be aware of them, and watchful of them. I began to enjoy the positive benefits of the moment.

“I’ve learned so much about myself and how to deal with my issues and, because of everything I’ve been through, I’m much closer to knowing who I am.”

Back To The Boy is released on October 5th through Hodder & Stoughton.