James Bay talks ‘Wild Love’, his ‘Sesame Street’ inspired new album – and what happened to his hat

James Bay has revealed that his new album is set to include ‘random influences’, including the music of Sesame Street. Watch our video interview with Bay above.

Bay was speaking on the red carpet of the VO5 NME Awards 2018, where he revealed that comeback single ‘Wild Love‘ was just scratching the surface of the departure in sound on his new album – inspired by the likes of Lorde, David Bowie, LCD Soundsystem and Frank Ocean.

“It’s been pretty amazing,” Bay told NME. “I found out that it got a million streams in the first 24 hours. It passed two million and tonight it hit three million. It’s only been out for a few days. It’s very exciting.

“Those influences go further into the music than you can neccessarily hear in this one song. I am excited to say that, because as you get deeper into the album you’ll be album to hear much more of those influences and others.”

He continued: “There’s one song that I haven’t been able to avoid saying that Sesame Street was a big influence. It’s just the sound and atmosphere of that kids’ show. There’s a song on my first record called ‘Scars’, and I remember saying to my producer that it needed to sound a bit more like the intro music to The Lion King. There are some more direct musical influences of course, but there are some completely random ones as well.”

James Bay


Speaking of all other recent changes, Bay continued: “Look, y’know – people are already saying that about ‘Wild Love’ and that really excites me. Of course there are more visual things too. This is the beginning of it all, and it’s there in all of its forms – the evolution that I’m going through.”

But what has he done with all the hats?

“I only three. One of them was really old, so I sort of sacked that off a long time ago, so I had two. They’re in a cupboard, it’s not that exciting. Sorry.”

Watch the NME Awards 2018 in full below

James Bay is marking his return with show at London’s Brixton Electric on March 15, before following it with a full tour of the US & Canada. Tickets are available here.