James Blake: ‘I don’t care if you download my new album for free’

The singer talks about illegal file-sharing and the music industry

James Blake has said that he doesn’t care if people illegally download his new album for free.

The singer, whose second album ‘Overgrown’ is released tomorrow (April 8), says they he accepts digital piracy as an everyday fact of life and doesn’t bemoan anyone taking advantage of torrent sites to download his music.

Asked by the Guardian about his opinion on people downloading the new album for free, he said: “Why wouldn’t you? My label (Universal) is hoping that on 8 April you’ll do the right thing and click the ‘Buy’ button. You should see what they’re doing online just to get people to look at the ‘Buy’ button. I’m starting not to care, to be honest.”


He added:

Things are changing. The ship (music industry) isn’t just going down. There are people trapped inside, bashing on the windows trying to get out.

Blake also spoke about his relationship with Warpaint‘s Theresa Wayman, admitting that their long-distance love has helped him creatively. “The uncertainty did. The uncertainty of the nature of the relationship,” he said. “The uncertainty of touring. The uncertainty of the music industry, and the uncertainty of my position in it.”

Meanwhile, James Blake yesterday (April 6) posted his new track ‘Take A Fall For Me’, which is a collaboration with Wu Tang Clan’s RZA, online. The song, which will feature on his forthcoming new album ‘Overgrown’, is currently streaming on Blake’s Tumblr page. The singer has also shared the song ‘Every Day I Ran’, which samples Outkast rapper Big Boi’s 2007 single ‘Royal Flush’ and will feature as a bonus track on the record.