James Blake says fame made him feel like he was living ‘a double life’

The musician also said he wasn't going to 'go full Diplo' in new interview

James Blake has said that the recognition he received after the release of his first two albums made him feel like he was living a ‘double life’.

The musician, who released his third album ‘The Colour In Anything’ earlier this month, won the Mercury Music Prize for second record ‘Overgrown’ and has collaborated with the likes of Frank Ocean and Beyoncé.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, he said: “I felt like I lived a double life. Me doing festivals, me being on TV, meeting Pharrell, and then me with my old-school friends: the person that was prone to getting into a rut, the person that could easily switch off and just not see anyone for ages.”


He also spoke about how his writing process requires him to have other people involved, whether they are contributing ideas or offering advice.

“I need other people now. I need the freedom of not having to do every little tiny thing to the point of completion,” he said. “I’m happy in the studio talking to other people. Having other artists around me [and] being thrown into a world of creativity where you’re in front of the mixing desk and you’ve got instruments and you’re trying to piece together a puzzle.”

He added: “I’m not gonna go full Diplo and have a beat farm.”