James Blake and Andre 3000 collaborate on new track ‘Look Ma No Hands’

Blake plays the piano on Andre 3000's latest release

James Blake has collaborated with Andre 3000 on the latter’s track ‘Look Ma No Hands’, it has been revealed.

Andre 3000 revealed two new tracks this morning (May 13) to honour his late parents. ‘Look Ma No Hands’ and ‘Me&My (To Bury Your Parents)’ are the first recorded solo tracks from the artist for years.

Hours after the tracks were released, James Blake took to Twitter to reveal his involvement in the new material, sharing a handwritten note to confirm he plays the piano on ‘Look Ma No Hands.’


You can listen to the track via Andre 3000’s soundcloud, below.

On the 17 minute long jazz piece, the Outkast member sings about his late parents. Andre’s mother Sharon Benjamin-Hodo died the day before the muscian’s birthday in 2013. Andre shared the last text he received from his mother on Instagram before the latest release, with the caption “Happy Mother’s Day.”


The tracks are the first material we’ve head from Andre 3000 since he featured on N.E.R.D’s song ‘Rollinem 7’s’ last November.

Late last year, James Blake covered Don McLean’s ‘Vincent,’ while the artist also previewed three new tracks at concerts on the West Coast called ‘I Can’t Believe That We Float’, ‘Asking For A Friend’, and ‘Black Lung’.

Blake recently collaborated with Jay Z on a bonus track for the rapper’s latest album ‘4:44’. Earlier this year, the musician supported Kendrick Lamar on the UK and Europe leg of his tour.