James Blake is readying the follow-up to his ‘Before’ EP: “The content is pretty much the complete opposite of ‘Before’”

The London musician and producer has even more new music up his sleeve

James Blake has revealed that he intends to release a new EP of music in the coming weeks to swiftly follow up his most recent release, the ‘Before’ EP.

Blake dropped the four-track EP on October 14, marking the latest release in what has already been a productive year of singles and guest features by the London musician and producer.

Speaking to NME in this week’s Big Read, Blake admitted that making “an album would be cool” when asked about his future release plans — before then adding that a new EP will arrive in the weeks to come.


“The content is pretty much the complete opposite of ‘Before’,” he said in preview of the new material, before later adding: “On the next records I want to be more inclusive of the ‘Before’ side of me and the ‘CMYK’ [EP, from 2010] side of me – and all of it.

“At the end of the day, I’m a person like anyone else who has that 360-degree perspective. Well, maybe 275, or something…”

James Blake Big Read 2020
James Blake (Credit: Jonathan Weiner for NME)

Blake also spoke about how the coronavirus pandemic has already and will continue to alter the way music fans approach and anticipate new music releases, voicing his current preference for releasing music in small bursts.

“In the past, our lifestyles were obviously so different,” Blake said. “You sit down and listen to a whole thing… In this moment, it’s nice to think of things that are coming up… I love trailers, singles; things that will get me excited. There’s nothing to look forward to otherwise – there’s no weekend, no nothing.


“The best case scenario for me is that people more regularly get something,” he continued. “I just want to stay active.

“I mean, I am going to do an album. But there’s so much tension right now in the US, I think me popping up being like: ‘Hey guys, here’s all my thoughts on love and loss!’ – it might not be the moment for that…”