James Blake is urging people to stop stigmatizing men who ‘express themselves emotionally’

The solo artist says it's only ever a good thing to talk about your feelings

James Blake has posted a heartfelt message to Twitter, urging people to stop labelling him a “sad boy”

The solo artist released a new track titled ‘Don’t Miss It’ yesterday and begins his statement by thanking his followers for the ‘lovely response’ to the song.

However, he goes on to say that he ‘can’t help but notice’ that whenever he talks about his feelings in his songs, the words “sad boy” are used to describe it.


“I’ve always found that expression unhealthy and problematic when used to describe men just openly talking about their feelings,” he continues. “To label it at all, when we don’t ever question women discussion the things they are struggling with, contributes to the ever disastrous historical stigmatisation of men expressing themselves emotionally.”

“We are already in an epidemic of male depression and suicide. We don’t need any further proof that we have hurt men with our questioning of their need to be vulnerable and open. It is only a good thing to talk about what is on your mind.

“Please don’t allow people who fear their own feelings to ever subliminally shame you out of getting anything off your chest or identifying with music that helps you,” he added. “There is no great victory in machismo and bravado in the end. The road to mental health and happiness, which I feel so passionately about, is paved with honesty.

“Sorry for the ‘sad boy’ letter but I’ve seen enough friends drown in this, and almost drowned in it myself because I bottled everything up, afraid of being seen as weak or soft. I now see the great strength, and benefit for those around you in actually opening up. Best, James x.” See the message below.

‘Don’t Miss It’ sees Blake collaborate with Mount Kimbie‘s Dominic Maker and marks his second piece of solo work since his 2016 album ‘The Colour In Everything’.


The track features the lyrics, “The world has shut me out, if I give everything I’ll lose everything” he sings. “I could avoid going outside, I could avoid wasting my life.”

For help and advice on mental health issues, check out the below organisations:

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