James Blunt says his record label asked him to stop tweeting

Singer says 'Twitter is just people's opinions, and opinions are like arseholes – everyone has one'

James Blunt has revealed that his record label initially asked him to abstain from Twitter, before realising that his social media presence was a hit with fans.

Speaking to Heat magazine, Blunt said: “My record label set up the account and asked me to answer people, so I did. Then they phoned me up and asked me to stop.” He continued: “Twitter is just people’s opinions, and opinions are like arseholes – everyone has one.”

The songwriter made headlines earlier this year after posting a series of sarcastic retorts to online trolls.


Blunt added: “If I think the person I’m replying to might be harassed as a result, I DM them to say it’s all in good humour, and if any of my followers give them hassle, they can let me know. I don’t want it to be part of that hate-filled cycle that seems to purvey though the internet.”

The singer recently addressed those that abuse him online in an interview with the Huffington Post, saying: “Anyone in the public eye, we always focus on the negativity around them, but the fact is I’m singing to 10,000 people every night. Instead, we will focus on the five guys in their bedrooms with their trousers around their ankles. The shame is they don’t bother to pull their trousers up, get on a train and come to a gig so they can shout at me direct.”

James Blunt’s latest album ‘Moon Landing’ was released in 2013. It was Blunt’s first since he briefly quit music.

He recently apologised for writing his hit single ‘You’re Beautfiul’, saying that the song was “force-fed down people’s throats”.

“It became annoying, and then people start to associate the artist with the same word,” he told Hello!.


‘You’re Beautiful’ featured on the singer’s 2004 debut ‘Back To Bedlam’, reaching Number One in the UK and US and selling 625,000 copies in the United Kingdom alone.