James Blunt’s marketing team emails ‘the whole of the UK by mistake’

Warner Music spammed people with news of Blunt's new single

James Blunt has taken to Twitter after his record label sent out an unsolicited email featuring his new single to music fans across the UK.

The email contained a link to Blunt’s new song ‘Bonfire Heart’ and was sent to a host of people on Warner Music’s database, including mailing lists for artists other than Blunt. The Independent reports that Warner Music said the email was sent out because of a “clerical error”. They continued: “The email was accidentally serviced to some users who had subscribed to mailing lists for other Warner Music artists.”

After people began tweeting about the mishap, Blunt himself joined in the discussion, writing on Twitter:

James Blunt’s new single ‘Bonfire Heart’ is set for release on October 7, and his new album ‘Moon Landing’ on October 21, meaning last year’s retirement rumours were untrue.