James Blunt to star in new TV comedy with Jack Whitehall?

The "posh boy sitcom" is written by Made In Chelsea star Hugo Taylor

James Blunt is reportedly in talks to appear in a new TV sitcom with comedian Jack Whitehall.

The show, which is set in the music industry, is described as an “unashamed posh boy sitcom” and has been written by Made In Chelsea cast member Hugo Taylor. The Sun reports Whitehall, currently starring in the second series of C4’s Fresh Meat, will play the lead role.

“It’s an unashamed posh boy sitcom. It’s set in the music biz and involves all the madcap goings on and decadent behaviour,” a source tells the paper. “It’s fresh and exciting and has Hugo, Jack Whitehall and James Blunt attached. Apparently James has great comic timing. Obviously he doesn’t need the money.”

It was reported earlier this year that Blunt was set to retire from the music industry after telling a newspaper he had no plans to write material. The former Queen’s guard subsequently denied the rumours, poking fun at the story from his recording studio.