James Blunt pokes fun at retirement rumours

Singer takes to Facebook to say he's split up with himself, due to musical differences

James Blunt has seen the funny side of speculation surrounding his future as a recording artist, taking to his Facebook page to deny rumours he is retiring.

The singer, famed for his 2005 worldwide hit ‘You’re Beautiful’, was believed to have retired from the music industry after telling a newspaper journalist that he had no current plans to continue writing songs. That may not be entirely the case, however, as Blunt has subsequently updated his Facebook page from a location he lists as Conway Recording Studios in Hollywood.

“The Mail on Sunday has reported that James Blunt has split up due to musical differences. Neither could be reached for comment due to recording commitments,” he posted online yesterday (October 22).

The singer last hit the headlines in January when his mother defended him from the criticism he often receives for being posh, saying that the music industry was “snobbish”.

“I was most interested to hear Pete Waterman’s thoughts on public school rock stars,” Jane Blunt said in an email to Radio 4. “His attitude is reflected by most of the critics in the UK. My son James Blunt, who is hugely appreciated worldwide, receives harsh criticism here and we have, rather sadly, been aware that it is because of his background.”

Certainly, Twitter users were pleased by yesterday’s news, as you can see below.