Watch James Blunt set up a support group for fans of his music

Maligned singer-songwriter urges people 'affected by James Blunt' to pre-order his new album

James Blunt sets up a mock support group for fans in an advert for his new album.

Blunt releases his fifth studio album ‘The Afterlove’ today (March 24). It’s his first LP since 2013’s ‘Moon Landing’.

In the ad, a number of Blunt fans are sat in a support group meeting, struggling to admit that they like his music.

Blunt then reassures one fan: “It’s okay, Claire, we’re all James Blunt fans here”.

The much-maligned singer-songwriter then urges people “affected by James Blunt” to pre-order his new album.

Posting the advert to Twitter, Blunt wrote: “The first step is admitting it.”

Watch below:

Earlier this week, Blunt revealed that Ed Sheeran has been teaching him to write songs and said the two musicians have been helping one another to learn new skills.

“I’ve worked with a guy you might have heard of? Ed Sheeran?” Blunt said during his appearance on The One Show. “We had a great trade. I was his ski instructor – I taught him how to ski. And at night he taught me how to write songs.”

Blunt is set to open for Sheeran on his US tour. The pair have recently worked on several new songs together, which appear on Blunt’s new album, ‘The Afterlove’. The first of which, ‘Make Me Better’ – co-written by Blunt, Sheeran and the latter’s regular collaborator Johnny McDaid – was released earlier this month.

In a recent interview, Blunt admitted that he and Sheeran made up a story about Princess Beatrice cutting Sheeran’s face with a sword. It has been reported in November that Princess Beatrice had accidentally slashed Sheeran’s face while she pretended to knight Blunt at the Royal Lodge in Windsor.