James Blunt slams Piers Morgan following Olly Murs “gun shots” feud

People are very much rooting for Blunt this weekend.

Following the reported “gun shots” in Oxford Circus on Friday night (November 24), Olly Murs and Piers Morgan engaged in a Twitter feud regarding misinformation. James Blunt recently sided with Murs slamming Morgan in a tweet.

Despite initial reports of gunfire, it has been announced that there has been no evidence found of any shots being fired and armed police have been stood down.

Murs took to Twitter during the confusion, revealing that he was in the nearby Selfridges store at the time and suggesting that there had been gun shots. “Really not sure what’s happened! I’m in the back office… but people screaming and running towards exits!” he tweeted.

Piers Morgan tweeted at Murs telling the singer to “stop tweeting” before the two engaged in a back and forth Twitter argument,


James Blunt has now weighed in on the feud. Quote tweeting Piers’ statement on “tweeting false information”, Blunt replied: “From the man who published fake Iraqi torture pictures. LOL.”

Morgan attempted a witty retort which landed quite flatly on the social media platform, totalling just over 600 favourites against Blunt’s 80,000.

However, fans of Blunt took to the singer’s defence comparing the singer as “ex-military, self effacing, good bloke” to “national embarrassment” Piers Morgan.




Meanwhile, Ed Sheeran has revealed that he was recently given the ultimate responsibility by James Blunt with Sheeran becoming the godfather of Blunt’s baby boy.