James Broad of Silver Sun has died

Rest In Power, James

James Broad, the lead singer, guitarist and songwriter of British band Silver Sun, has died.

The news was posted on Broad’s Twitter account today (October 30). He was undergoing chemotherapy for terminal cancer.

“We’re sad to announce that James died peacefully earlier this week with Lu by his side,” the tweet read. “He’ll be missed by us all.”

Broad formed the powerpop band with Richard Buckton, Paul Smith and Richard Saycewho in Camden in 1995. The band released their debut self-titled album in May 1997.

The group released a further five albums between 1998 and 2020, their latest being the self-released ‘Switzerland’.

In the run-up to his death, Broad sent lighthearted tweets from the hospital where he was receiving treatment. On October 22, he wrote: “Just ordered sausage and mash here in my hospital ward. My wife cannot understand how I can even contemplate eating it. Poor mans school dinners. Yum.”

Fans have paid tribute to the late musician online. One wrote: “As a big Silver Sun fan and a sufferer of bowel cancer, this one has hit me really hard. Don’t think I can pay a bigger tribute than to say some of his songs are bound into the very fabric of my group of life long best friends. My thoughts are with his loved ones xx”

Another wrote: “So sad to hear this. James was such a wonderful wordsmith and musician, and – from my couple of interactions with him on Twitter – a really really nice guy as well. Sending huge condolences to his family, bandmates and friends.”

NME writer James McMahon spoke to Broad earlier this month for an installment of his Indie Heaven feature on his personal website.

Broad spoke about his illness in the interview. “I have terminal cancer, unfortunately, so I probably have about four-years max left – unless someone comes up with something pretty impressive soon to fix me up. I am learning to live with that fact. It’s not easy. I don’t really worry about myself as such. It’s hard to worry about something you really don’t have any control over. I worry more about my wife, daughter and my mum who all kind of rely on me for various stuff,” he said.

“I’m doing all I can to try and sort all my shit out so they don’t have too much crap to do when I’m not around any more. Sorry to end this chat on a down note. I’m not walking around in a gloom all the time. I try and stay pretty positive. I haven’t done much recording as singing loud is quite hard, but I’m sure i’ll get around to some new stuff soon.”

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