James Brown’s partner ordered to have DNA test

Tomi Rae Hynie quizzed over 'son's claim to singer's estate

James Brown‘s former partner Tomi Rae Hynie has been ordered by judge to have a DNA test carried out on the boy she claims to be the late singer’s son.

The soul legend died aged 73 from pneumonia on Christmas Day 2006. Most of his estate was left to trusts, set up to educate disadvantaged young people, and to his grandchildren. However, six of his adult children, along with Hynie, are contesting the will.

His will named six children, but neither Hynie nor her six-year-old son James Brown II were mentioned.

Now the BBC reports that trustees handling the singer’s estate are questioning Hynie‘s claims about her son, and also dispute that she was married to him at all.

Hynie‘s lawyer Robert Rosen said his client had never objected to a paternity test. He added: “She’s said that she was in favour and would do the test, provided that the other children also took the test.”

The six Brown children challenging the will claim three of the star’s former advisers convinced the singer to create the trusts so they could profit from managing them.

Their lawyer, Louis Levenson, has said the children have discovered earlier wills drafted by their father which cast doubt on whether he wanted most of his money left to charity.