James Brown trustees quit

Two leave after questions grow over star's finances

Two people in charge of a portion of James Brown‘s estate have quit their positions amid ongoing questions over the late soul singer’s finances.

The resignation of the trustees, who included a longtime adviser and close friend of Brown‘s, was announced yesterday (November 20) during a court hearing shortly after David Cannon, a former trustee, was held in contempt.

Administrators looking into the handling of Brown‘s estate told the judge in September that Cannon, who stepped down as a trustee the month before, may have misappropriated up to £3.5m.

One of the trustees who resigned, Buddy Dallas, said: “I certainly did not violate the trust of James Brown ever in my life, and to the contrary did everything I could do to promote the name and legacy status.

“I think it’s time to let some other people wear those shoes. I’ll be in the background.”

Alford Bradley said he quit “to better serve the trust and the needy children that Mr Brown wanted to be educated”.

Brown‘s trust was established following his death in December 2006 to provide for poor children to go to school in Georgia and South Carolina.

Judge Jack Early said on Tuesday (November 20) that Cannon was held in contempt for not providing adequate financial records and failed to comply with an order to stop being a trustee by filing amendments to tax returns after stepping down, reports Associated Press.