The star says he wants to keep family business private - but he won't admit to being guilty of assaulting his wife...

JAMES BROWN will not contest charges of domestic violence made against him by his wife.

In a letter received yesterday (June 14), Brown explained that he would not stand trial, and wouldn’t contest a charge of criminal domestic violence as he wanted to keep family business private, reports the Associated Press.

Brown was arrested in January following a call to 911 from his wife Tommie Rae Brown. Sheriffs from Aiken County said she had scratches and bruises on her right arm, and lacerations on her hip.

‘The Godfather Of Soul’ was accused of throwing his wife to the floor before threatening her with a wrought iron chair.

Brown’s attorney Albert “Buddy” Dallas said his forfeiture means “he did not contest” the charge, while attorney Jim Huff of North Augusta maintained that though the action is the same as a conviction “Mr Brown does not admit to being guilty of this crime,” but did not want his wife to stand trial.

“A decision had to be made about what is the least harmful to these individuals,” Mr. Dallas explained. “This was a private matter that was made public. This way, she would not have to testify and Mr. Brown would not have to testify,” reports The Augusta Chronicle.

“Anytime you get arrested, you’re regretful,” Mr. Dallas said, adding, “I’m sure there’s sufficiency of fault to go around. Mr. Brown just wants to go on with the private part of his life as private business.”

Brown, currently in Ireland with his wife, will receive a conviction for the offence. His wife has supported him in interviews since the incident.