The Godfather of Soul shells out in a wrongful dismissal case...

Godfather of Soul JAMES BROWN has been ordered to pay $40,000 (£28,000) in damages to a former employee for wrongful dismissal.

Jurors in a Californian court ruled that Lisa Ross Agbalaya was entitled to a year’s salary after being fired.

Brown was acquitted on Wednesday (February 19) of sexually harassing Agbalaya.

In the trial, which began last week, she alleged that Mr Brown sacked her after she spurned his numerous advances, including one in August 1999 at the singer’s home. She claimed Brown habitually smoked marijuana and offered her his “bull’s testicles”.

Brown contested the unfair dismissal suit alongside those of sexual harassment. He said Agbalaya was laid off when his West Coast operation closed as a cost-cutting measure. At yesterday’s hearing his lawyer Debra Opri declared him “extremely happy” with the payout amount. Agbalaya wanted six times her annual salary in compensation.

“Why not pay her kids through college? That’s really what she’s asking you to do,” Opri told the jury summing up, stating that Agabalaya deserved no more than a week’s pay.