The soul star is being sued for wrongful dismissal and sexual harassment - but insists he's innocent...

Legendary soul star JAMES BROWN has told a LOS ANGELES court that he “never touched” a former employee who is suing him for wrongful dismissal and sexual harassment.

The singer took the stand yesterday (February 5) to answer the charges made by Lisa Agbalaya-Ross, who worked as president of the West Coast operation for The New James Brown Enterprises for seven years from 1993 to 1999.

She claims Brown smoked marijuana habitually in the office and began “a consistent pattern of discrimination and harassment”. She is claiming he sacked her after she spurned numerous advances from him.

“I never touched Ms Agbalaya-Ross and she knows it,” Brown said. “I didn’t touch nobody, and I would never touch a married woman. I’m a church-going man. I ain’t got no time for that.”

Agbalaya-Ross claims one of the advances was made by the singer in his home during August 1999, when he grabbed her by the hips and made a series of suggestive comments.

Brown and his lawyers are claiming Agbalaya-Ross was let go when the office was closed and she became a “disgruntled employee”. As the case entered court last week, Brown said he was fighting against “frivolous and expensive lawsuits filed by people for no other purpose than to make a quick buck.

“I will not allow individuals to file these kinds of lawsuits with the belief that it would be cheaper to settle than to defend them publicly and at great cost to the celebrity,” he added.