The pair say they wrote some of their dad's songs - when they were three and six...

JAMES BROWN is being sued by two of his daughters who claim they are owed royalties for helping co-write some of his hits.

The women, Deanna Brown Thomas, who works at a South Carolina radio station, and Dr. Yamma Brown Lumar, a doctor in

Texas, filed the suit in Atlanta. They are seeking $1million in back royalties and damages for 25 songs they say they co-wrote.

A lawyer for the pair said that despite the fact they were three and six years old when some of the songs were written, they still helped write them.

“This is a sad scenario,” Gregory Reed told Billboard. “They didn’t want to handle it this way.”

The lawsuit also claims Brown bears a grudge against his daughters after they had him committed to a psychiatric hospital to be treated for addiction to painkillers in 1998.