James Brown is proud to admit he shops at Oxfam...

Godfather of Soul JAMES BROWN has confessed he shops in Oxfam – though the immaculately-attired singer doesn’t wear the clothes himself, preferring to give them to friends.

Speaking during an impromptu press conference at yesterday’s Essential Festival (July 16), the 71 year old star was confirming a story that had appeared in that morning’s newspapers about him going into an Oxfam store in south east England and buying a little black dress.

“I didn’t just buy the dress, I bought a lot of stuff,” he said. “And I’d buy from them again. I like what Oxfam do, and I don’t mind giving them my money. They have some good things, some nearly new. I give them to friends. I gave the dress to my girlfriend.”


When a moment of confusion arose over the current number of his partners, Brown added with a smile: “I know a lot of people. I’m single and I like to mingle.”

The veteran performer was in sparkling form, avoiding contentious questions about recent misfortune to instead deliver some classic James Brown moments.

“I love you all, I want you to know that. I hope you all live to be 200 years old, and I hope I live to be 200 minus one day – because then I won’t have to watch any of you beautiful people pass away.”

His barnstorming set later in the day was widely accepted as the two-day festival’s highlight.

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