James Corden reveals what he would do if Kanye West rushed the stage at the Grammys

West pretended to interrupt Beck at 2015's ceremony

James Corden has revealed what he would do if Kanye West rushes the stage at the Grammys this year.

The British comedian is set to host the event, which takes place at LA’s Staples Center on February 12. It will be his first time hosting the Grammys, but follows a string of years presenting the Brit Awards in the UK.

Speaking to Billboard, Corden said he woudn’t be focusing on trying to make the event funny. “The Grammys are not really a place for comedy,” he said. “And I’m only in the show for 17 minutes or so, across the four hours. My intention is to make it fun before it’s funny.”


At the 2015 Grammys, West pretended to interrupt Beck‘s speech when he won Album Of The Year over Beyoncé, echoing the infamous time the rapper rushed the stage at the MTV VMAs when Taylor Swift beat the singer to the Best Female Video award. He walked up to the microphone, but walked away and off stage at the last minute.

Asked what he would do were West to invade the stage again, Corden said: “I don’t know that he would interrupt someone’s speech again. [If he does] I’ll take him down. He will hit the floor quicker than he has ever known.”

West is reportedly skipping the ceremony this year, along with other no-shows Drake and Justin Bieber. Drake is on tour in the UK and due to perform in Manchester that night.

According to the Grammys’ executive producer, however, West and Bieber could still turn up. “We’re actually still talking to Justin,” Ken Ehrlich told ET. “Kanye, it’s probably going to be a question of – if it will happen, it will or won’t happen closer to the show.

“We’ve worked with Kanye many number of times and we’ve actually been very much involved in the successes that he’s had. Some of his greatest performances have been on the Grammys. I would sure love to see him in the house.”