Former LCD Soundsystem man James Murphy to make directorial debut

The DJ and musician will be working on a short film with director Ron Howard

Former LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy is set to make his directorial debut.

Murphy will be working with movie director Ron Howard as his mentor on the short film, which will be inspired by the winning entries in a Canon sponsored photography contest.

Rolling Stone reports that Murphy has said of the project: “I don’t know what I’m doing, but that’s what I’m excited about… Now I’ll be able to call Ron Howard, which is super weird. This is the beauty of having been in a band that did well enough, I guess. You have access to something as crazy as this.”


Murphy also told Rolling Stone that he’s currently working on music with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. “I’m doing things that I would never have time to do, like go work on a couple of songs with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs,” he said.

Earlier this year, Murphy said he was working on a novel. Speaking to GQ, Murphy revealed that he has considered writing under a pseudonym so his work is ‘considered fairly’.

He said: “I’m writing now, actually. A novel… I’m also dubious because as a person who’s known for something else, something that I wrote might get published before it was ready. Maybe I’ll have to send things in under a pseudonym, just so that they’re considered fairly. Editing is no joke.”

Murphy has also expressed an interest in launching his own line of coffee. Culinary website reported that Murphy wanted to market his own espresso brand after closing the curtain on his band.