James Murphy reveals that someone tried to kill him for playing The Stooges during a DJ set

Murphy was being interviewed on Lars Ulrich's Beats 1 show

LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy talked about nearly dying for making some punk DJ decisions on Lars Ulrich’s Beats 1 Radio show.

Murphy stopped by the Metallica drummer’s radio show to discuss everything from insecurity to how to effectively clean a toilet on a flight. The first part of the interview aired on Sunday (December 3) with the second part due this coming Sunday (December 10).


In the interview Murphy told the story of how one of The Stooges’ tracks from 1970’s Fun House nearly got him killed: “I was DJ’ing what was kinda like a techno house club, and I was really high. I was dancing around, like, ‘Man, if someone would play ‘Loose’ by the Stooges right now everyone would go crazy.’

Murphy continued: “I got up and the first record that I put on at 3 o‘clock in the morning in a place filled with people on drugs that are there to hear techno was ‘Loose.’”

Lars Ulrich and LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy
Lars Ulrich and LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy

“And a guy was trying to climb into the DJ booth to kill me, and I was like ‘No, just listen to it, man. It’s amazing!’”

Earlier this month, James Murphy revealed the best – and nerdiest – piece of advice that the late David Bowie gave to him while they were working together.

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Murphy also revealed how he had planned for Leonard Cohen to feature on LCD Soundsystem‘s comeback album before the Canadian icon died last year.