James Murphy says LCD Soundsystem fans’ reaction to their reunion made him ‘sad’

Some sections of the band's fanbase were not happy that the group were getting back together

James Murphy has revealed the reaction of some fans to the news that LCD Soundsystem were getting back together made him feel “sad”.

When the group announced their reunion at the tail end of last year, some fans responded with feelings of betrayal and hurt as they had only split up four years earlier.


Speaking about that time in a new interview with the Guardian, Murphy said he understood where they were coming from. “I underestimated how upset people who really liked the band would be,” he said. “I was someone who grew up obsessed with bands, how they were and how they treated one another, and how they treated fans.”

He continued: “You know, it mattered to me when Lol Tolhurst left The Cure. I was heartbroken. They’re the people I’ve always aimed the band at, and they’re the ones who were hurt, some of them.”

Murphy added that he “felt sad about” the fact that they were “showing that LCD Soundsystem really mattered to them, that they really identified with it.” “So I was sorry,” he said.

The band will return with ‘American Dream‘, their first album since reuniting tomorrow (September 1). In a five-star review, NME said: “The band retains the uncanny power to encapsulate a place and time. This is a cautious return, not a triumphant one – and that proves LCD Soundsystem are very 2017.”