James Murphy wanted Leonard Cohen to appear on LCD Soundsystem’s comeback album

"Let’s call Leonard Cohen and maybe he’ll do it."

James Murphy has revealed how he had planned for Leonard Cohen to feature on LCD Soundsystem‘s comeback album before the Canadian icon died last year.

The New York band released fourth album ‘American Dream’ last week, their first record since returning in 2016 for a series of shows across the globe.

Now, Murphy has opened up on recording the album and revealed how he originally planned to borrow Cohen’s services for a spoken word section on ‘Black Screen’, the 12-minute epic that closes the record.

“When I worked on the last song of the record, I said I wanted a spoken word bit done at the end”, he told Crack Magazine.

“I said it would be amazing to have Lou Reed on the end of that song but he’d died. But then I said ‘I feel like I could talk to Leonard Cohen, let’s call Leonard Cohen and maybe he’ll do it’ and then he died like three days later and I’m like… ‘fuck off’. I’m not going to ask anybody else because they’re just going to die.”

He also opened up on the initial decision to reunite LCD Soundsystem, and said that he was backed by David Bowie after seeking advice on a comeback.

“I was talking to David Bowie, which is a luxurious thing to say. I said to him, ‘I’m really freaked out as I’ve started writing music, what am I going to do? What if I come back after we quit so perfectly?’”, Murphy said.

“David said to me, ‘does it make you feel uncomfortable to come back?’ I said ‘yes.’ He said ‘good, you should be uncomfortable to do something. You need to be uncomfortable.’ It was a funny thing to hear from him, because I always assumed he was comfortable all the time.”