Jamie Cullum nearly worked with Tyler, The Creator

Jamie Cullum has revealed that an unlikely collaboration nearly came to be with Tyler, The Creator.

Speaking to NME about the new wave of soft-pop crooners among young fashionable rising singer-songwriters, Cullum said there was very nearly a jazz and rap crossover on the cards.

“I almost ended up connecting with Tyler, The Creator as well because he heard my work on the Pharrell album ‘In My Mind’, which I did years ago now,” Cullum told NME. “So I sung on that, and played a bit of keys on that record, and love Tyler, The Creator – he put an Instagram post on for the 10 year anniversary of that album ‘In My Mind’ and said what an influence it was. He mentioned my name in his Instagram post, I was totally surprised…”

Tyler, the Creator

Tyler, the Creator

Asked if he could have seen himself on Tyler’s ‘Scum Fuck Flower Boy‘, Cullum replied: “No, I don’t think I would ever be on that – it’s more that it’s always a shock to me when people I have been listening to myself, as a fan, and Tyler is referencing in that album the ‘In My Mind’ Pharrell album, and I think he has a real interest in jazz. You can hear, clearly, in his use of sounds and chords and stuff like that.”

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After unveiling the video for ‘435’ this week, Tyler has also turned to remixing original songs this year, with Drake and Trouble’s ‘Bring It Back’ being given the Tyler treatment back in April.

Last month, Call Me By Your Name and Lady Bird star Timothée Chalamet responded to being referenced by Tyler in ‘Okra’ – with the rapper having told the Oscar-nominated actor to “come get at me“.