Jamie Lidell to release self-titled album in February 2013

The album was recorded in Lidell's own studio in Nashville

Jamie Lidell is set to release a new, self-titled album next year.

‘Jamie Lidell’ will come out on February 18 2013 on Warp Records. Click below to listen to the first song to be taken from his fifth album, ‘What A Shame’. To download the song for free, visit: Jamielidell.com.

The follow-up to 2010’s ‘Compass’ was recorded in the British electronic soul singer’s own studio in Nashville, where he now lives.


Speaking to Clash about the new record, he said: “The whole album was written in Nashville. And you know you feel the songwriting vibes here. It’s all porches and all the rocking chairs, and you’re like, ‘Man, there’s music in the air here!'”

He added: “Having the space to set up my own studio for the first time in years was a big deal. Like, I didn’t have a studio in New York. It was all crammed into a tiny room and I had to apologise to the fucking neighbour all the time.”

“When we got to Nashville I was nervous to turn it up to start with, but when I did everything just expanded. And my basement really rocked on this LP as it’s this higgledy-piggledy kind of stonework, that makes it sound like you’ve got a million quid going into your recording.”

The ‘Jamie Lidell’ tracklisting is:

‘I’m Selfish’
‘Big Love’
‘What A Shame’
‘Do Yourself a Faver’
‘You Naked’
‘Blaming Something’
‘You Know My Name’
‘So Cold’
‘Don’t You Love Me’
‘In Your Mind’