Listen to Jamie T’s new single ‘Tinfoil Boy’

Track is troubadour's first since his 2015 EP 'Magnolia Melancholia'

Jamie T has unveiled his new single ‘Tinfoil Boy’.

The track was premiered on Annie Mac’s Radio 1 show at 7.30pm this evening (June 29).

Speaking about the track he said: “It was recorded slightly differently. We went to Detroit and did a session out there. That’s where the track came from and it was recorded in a different place under slightly different rules which helped it sound a bit different. Hopefully that comes across. I wanted to put something out that was kind of claustrophobic.”

He added: “I was playing around with a lot of pedals and I was listening a lot to Rage Against The Machine’s album and just getting blown away by how exciting it is. That explains the rocky feel.”

The singer also confirmed that the song features a monologue from actress Florence Bell.

He added: “She’s an old friend of mine from college. I had this idea to sample which I did a lot on the last record. It wasn’t such a good idea this time around. So I got some friends, actors and actresses to come in and do some monologues. It was a lot of fun.”

The singer, whose real name is Jamie Treays, tweeted news of a new single earlier today. You can listen to the track below. It will be officially released at midnight.

He released his third album ‘Carry On The Grudge’ in 2014 after a five year absence from music, and followed it with the ‘Magnolia Melancholia’ EP last year.

Speaking last year, Jamie T told Q that he didn’t want his next record to take another five years. “I’m in the studio – I never really left,” he said. “I am working on things. I wouldn’t like to say when it’ll be finished.”

“It’d be nice to get something out a bit quicker than [the last album],” he continued. “So that’s the next thing – recording and hopefully coming out with something sooner rather than later. Beating five years is all I can ask for.”