Jamie T says he doesn’t worry about his music as ‘most of the shit around today is dire’

Singer says he always felt like he was ahead of the curve

Jamie T has said that most of the music around today is “dire” and that his five-year hiatus from playing and performing ensured his growth as an artist.

In an interview with Faster Louder , the British singer-songwriter said that he was ready for a change because there’s “nothing worse than releasing pointless material”.

“I think after ‘Kings & Queens’, we had said everything we needed to say. The sounds we created were what I wanted them to be and so it seemed like a good time to take stock, go away and come back with something different,” he said. “We’d solidified the sound we had on the first record and I’m a believer that when you’ve got fuck all to say, not to say anything, because as an artist the worst thing you can do is just release pointless material.

“As for being relevant in the modern age, well you grow up as an artist so your music is always going to change and you hope it’s relevant, but I don’t want to worry too much about that because most of the shit around today is dire.”

He added that even in his time off, he’d felt like he was ahead of other music being released. “I think we built our own sound in that time and funnily enough, listening to the kind of music that came out in the five years that I had off, I felt like we were ahead of the curve.”

The singer also spoke about his relationship with Blur frontman Damon Albarn, whose advice he sought for his third album. He said: “I went to speak to Damon because I was aware that he’d gone through a similar thing in his career, he’d had that desire to move forward and not be stuck with one sound as well.

“He was a great listener and very wise in terms of how to move forward as an artist. So it helped me a lot, he’s a great inspiration for me musically, I’m a big fan of his music so he’d be one of the few opinions I’d listen to regarding my songwriting.”

Released in September, Jamie T’s third studio album, ‘Carry On the Grudge’, entered the albums chart at Number Four , having been Number One in the midweek Update. It was the first music he’s released since 2009’s ‘Kings & Queens’.

The singer has just embarked on a headline tour, which will see him performing around the country, including two nights at London’s Alexandra Palace.