Jamie T says he’s in his best shape for six years

Singer tells NME he’s learning to cope with his anxiety issues

Jamie T has said in the best shape of his life for the past six years.

In this week’s NME cover interview – available nationwide from tomorrow (August 19) – Jamie – full name Jamie Treays – says that he’s learning to cope with the anxiety issues which have affected the singer throughout his career.

After taking five years between albums before the release of ‘Carry On The Grudge’ in 2014, Jamie T’s new album ‘Trick’ is out on September 2. He has previewed the songs ‘Tin Foil Boy’ and ‘Power Over Men’ from the album.

Treays told NME: “I’m in a good place generally. I’d says I’m better than I have been in the last six years. I give less of a fuck about (anxiety issues). I know what’s going on a bit more. Nothing’s so much of a shock.”

The singer, who tours in October, added that he’s learned to cope with anxiety by treating certain parts of the music industry as a job. He said: “I don’t treat writing music like a job. That’s what I do all the time and it’s part of who I am. But interviews and photoshoots are like a job to me. If I think of it like that, it works a lot better, because I just do it, go home and it’s not really a thing.”

This week’s NME is available nationwide from Friday (August 19). Jamie T’s cover interview will also be available online tomorrow.