Jamie T reveals fate of Florence And The Machine duet

Singer explains why collaboration didn't make new LP 'Kings & Queens'

Jamie T has revealed the fate of his collaboration with Florence And The Machine singer Florence Welch, admitting it ended up on the studio floor.

The troubadour first told NME.COM that Welch had contributed some backing vocals to his album in our albums of 2009 preview back in January.

However with the finished record ‘Kings & Queens’ out on Monday (September 7), Jamie T has finally confirmed the song featuring the pair – who shared the same A&R man – does not appear on the record.

“That track didn’t make the album unfortunately,” he told BBC News. “I haven’t actually had a listen to it in a while. She did do some backing vocals, but it’s something that’s been taken and the press have run with it. It was a really small part, she just happened to be in the studio.”

He added that the vocal part was so small, many listeners might have missed it anyway.

“It’s a really low-key part and you probably wouldn’t even know she was there,” he explained. “So, it’s not the love duet that some people hoped it would be.”