Jamie T covers Foo Fighters during triumphant Bestival opening set

"I don't give a shit, we're headliners!"

Jamie T closed the first day of Bestival last night with a massive career-spanning set that saw him pay tribute to Dave Grohl and cover Foo Fighters.

Taking to the Box Stage at 11.30PM, the South London hero opened with ‘Power Over Men’, before going straight into ‘Tescoland’, which ignited the first furious mosh pits of the night.

It was then time to dive straight back into the past, with a ferocious rendition of ‘Salvador’ from first album ‘Panic Prevention’, which sounded just as fresh as when it was first released an entire decade ago.


And as the rain continued to lash down outside, the singer took a moment to reflect on the significance of their Thursday night set – playing down his headliner status in typically self effacing fashion.


“I’m told that the main stage isn’t on tonight, so I guess by proxy that means we’re headliners. Nah, I don’t  give a shit – we’re headliners”, Treays told the crowd, receiving a triumphant roar.

A late rendition of ‘Sheila’ closed the first set, with Treays dedicating the track to Dave Grohl after explaining, his tongue lodged firmly in his cheek, how Dave Grohl had told him to “play the hits”.

“When I was talking to Dave Grohl the other day, he said you just gotta play the hits, right? This one goes out to you, Dave!”

After returning for an encore of ‘Tinfoil Boy’, ‘Rabbit Hole’ and ‘Sticks and Stones’, he departed once more before a second encore saw him finishing with ‘Zombie’ –  with Grohl love being shown once more as Treays briefly transformed the track into an impromptu cover of ‘Best Of You’.


All considered, it’s an absolute triumph, and a set that provides the perfect benchmark for how the rest of the weekend should be.

Jamie T played:

Power Over Men
Don’t you Find
The Prophet
Man’s Machine
British Intelligence 
If You Got the Money 
Emily’s Heart
Tinfoil Boy
Rabbit Hole
Stick n Stones