Jamie Woon launches new track ‘Thunder’ – listen

Gilles Peterson played the new Woon track on his BBC Radio 6 show yesterday

Gilles Peterson has revealed a new track from Jamie Woon‘s second album, the long-awaited follow-up to 2011’s ‘Mirrorwriting’.

Peterson played ‘Thunder’ early on his BBC Radio 6 show yesterday (September 19, click left to listen back). Woon says the new record is inspired by D’Angelo‘s classic turn-of-the-century release ‘Voodoo’.

The album has the working title ‘Making Time’, and has no confirmed release date as of yet. It’s being put together by Lexxx (Bjork, Crystal Castles, Darkstar) and Paul White (Danny Brown, Charli XCX).


Sharpness‘, also from the record, was released in early August.


Woon previously told Beats 1:

“I’m really inspired by D’Angelo’s ‘Voodoo’ and having the band in the room. It’s a dying art trying to record live players because it costs money to do it properly. My starting point was that I wanted to hear a funky rhythm section.”

“It’s still the same type of songs its just a real drummer and bass player, not electronic. I found an amazing producer called Lexx last February. He’s worked with Gwilym Gold and Wild Beasts.”

Woon also chipped in on vocals for Darkstar’s song ‘Inherent in the Fibre’, which came out as part of the album ‘Foam Island’ last Friday (September 18).

Listen to ‘Sharpness’ below: