Jamie Woon returns with new single ‘Sharpness’ – listen

Singer-songwriter writing D'Angelo-inspired album with Wild Beasts producer Lexx

Jamie Woon‘s new single ‘Sharpness’ is streaming online.

The singer-songwriter is set to follow 2011’s debut album ‘Mirrorwriting’ with a new LP later this year, recently airing ‘Sharpness’ on Pharrell Williams’ Beats 1 show and Annie Mac’s Radio 1 programme.

Now, however, the official audio is airing online in full and can be heard below. It will be available to purchase from Tuesday next week (August 11).


Woon recently gave his first interview in three years, confirming that he is writing a D’Angelo-inspired album with Wild Beasts producer Lexx.

Speaking to Beats 1 in a new interview, Woon explained what he has been up to in the past three years, saying: “I just was in north London for most of the time. If I haven’t got music to release I keep a low profile. There’s TV to watch and burgers to eat!”

Admitting that radio play from Pharrell is the sort of “push” he needs to release more music, Woon went on to talk about his long-awaited second album. “The album is getting there. I had ideas hanging over from before but what I wanted to do was do something more live after touring.

“I’m really inspired by D’Angelo’s ‘Voodoo’ and having the band in the room. It’s a dying art trying to record live players because it costs money to do it properly. My starting point was that I wanted to hear a funky rhythm section.

“It’s still the same type of songs it’s just a real drummer and bass player, not electronic. I found an amazing producer called Lexx last February. He’s worked with Gwilym Gold and Wild Beasts.”