The Persuasions member retracts Jamie xx unauthorised sample claim: ‘I was told about it but forgot’

Jimmy Hayes has also spoken of the possibility of touring with the British producer

New York a cappella group The Persuasions have retracted their initial allegation that Jamie xx failed to gain clearance on a sample that features on his debut solo album ‘In Colour’.

The track ‘I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)’ – a collaboration with Young Thug and Popcaan – features a sample of The Persuasions’ 1972 single ‘Good Times’. The band originally claimed that they were never approached by the producer to use the song on his record, but have now taken back their original comments.

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Founding member Jimmy Hayes previously told Billboard that he was not aware of the Jamie xx sample until a friend told him about it. He added: “It doesn’t bother me that they wanted to sample, but the thing is we have to sit down with management and make sure that everything is recognized and on the up-and-up.” A representative for Jamie xx later refuted Hayes’ claims, saying that the group had been contacted for permission.

Now Hayes has confirmed that Jamie xx did indeed ask for permission to use the sample, telling Billboard: “I was told about it but forgot”.

Later in the original interview, Hayes said that he liked “the idea of the younger artists going back in time and dealing with what they call ‘old-school’.” He also complimented Jamie xx’s track, describing it as “cool”. He added: “I’d like to meet the guy!. I’m sure these guys are gonna be going on tour soon. If they’re going on tour, I’d like to go out with them. I’d like to be the opening act. We can do that same song on the stage, live.”

Listen to both Jamie xx and The Persuasions’ songs below.