Rhandee, who was badly treated by her previous owners, is in a Spanish Zoo, though campaigners would rather she was moved to a dedicated sanctuary...

PAUL MCCARTNEY and JAMIROQUAI singer JAY KAY have lent their voices to a campaign to rescue an abused elephant.

Rhanee the elephant is currently in Valwo Zoo in Spain, where she is to be included in a breeding programme. She was badly treated by previous owners.

Now, according to, a campaigners called Animal Defenders have enlisted the support of the former Beatle and Jay Kay in their bid to have the pachyderm moved to a dedicated sanctuary.

McCartney said: “Rhanee is an elephant which has been allowed to suffer many years of abuse at the hands of people who should have known better. Although I am sure that Valwo Zoo would not subject her to any obvious ill-treatment, there are grave concerns about their plans to use her in their breeding programme.”

Jay Kay added: “I find it utterly distressing to see beautiful animals which should be in the wild, confined and abused, both mentally and physically. We should be ashamed of ourselves.”